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Marija Bashevska

Marija Bashevska

Reactor - Research in action

Venko Filipche

Venko Filipche

Minister for Public Health

Elizabeta Bozinoska

Elizabeta Bozinoska

Program Director at HERA

Ljatifa Shikovska

Ljatifa Shikovska

Аr tists


Gynaecology and obstetrics: services, availability and treatment

Having proper treatments for our reproductive health and being effectively informed about health services are guaranteed human rights. The inappropriate treatment, the physical and psychological harassment, the ignorance of pain, the deprivation of choice during pregnancy and giving birth, are serious everyday violations of women’s human rights that must be addressed publicly. The process of providing reproductive health services has institutional, financial and subjective barriers that require a systematic solution. The panel will examine the above mentioned topics in order to further discuss health services’ in the reproductive health area and their availability for all women, especially those who come from vulnerable social groups.


Together with the Minister of Health Venko Filipche, the chairwoman of the Safe Motherhood Committee Dr. Ana Daneva Markova from the Clinic of Gynecology & Obstetrics, the health mediator Ljatifa Shikovska and the Association for Health Education and Research – HERA’s program director Elizabeta Bozhinoska – we will talk about the attitude of gynecological and obstetrical institutions towards women in our country. And, finally, we will highlight the reproductive health issues that women are experiencing and are rarely spoken about in order to ensure quality based, effective and friendly health services in the future.