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Kalia Dimitrova

Kalia Dimitrova

Kalia Dimitrova (Skopje 1991) has a degree in political sciences from the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus at the Ss....

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Ena Bendevska

Ena Bendevska

Ena Bendevska (Skopje, 1994) graduated in political sciences and international security on the University College Maastricht in the Netherlands. During...

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Can U Follow Us? | The Female Body in the Insta age


Can U Follow Us? (The Female Body in the Insta age)

in collaboration with MEDUSA

Moderators: Kalia Dimitrova and Ena Bendevska

Speakers: Marija Angelovska, Aleksandra Trpeska and Kika Aveiro


The complex relationship between the female body and the media is a disappointing reflection of the way society treats women and their right to exist and express themselves autonomously in their environments. The absence of representation and the unrealistic beauty standards that women face throughout history has been strengthened by censorship, harassment and uninvited comments, criticism and attacks.


This panel will therefore address the problems that the female body encounters, as well as the comments, the expectations and the unrealistic standards imposed by users of different platforms as well as the society. In addition, the panel will problematize all possible ways, patterns and forms of expression for (re)appropriation of space offered by social media as a field for the autonomous expression of the female body. Our speakers will break into these topics through their experiences and their social media presence.


The panel is an initiative coming from the feminist online platform Medusa ( and will be moderated by the editor-in-chief Kalia Dimitrova and the social media editor Ena Bendevska (@meduzaplatform). This panel’s speakers are the multimedia artist and feminist Marija Angelovska (@marijangelovska), Aleksandra Trpevska ( – who has been working with digital marketing for five years and uses the power of social networks to convey her lifestyle and self-care messages and Kika Averio  (@kikaaveiro) – a Body Positivity activist, a plus-size model and a social media influencer. All three of them are active advocates for self-acceptance and free expression with their presence on social media and unapologetically criticize cyber censorship and bullying.