Biljana Radinoska

Biljana Radinoska

Biljana Radionoska is theatre director working in the cross section of the classical and experimental theatre, developing a complex theatre style in between the documentary and fiction. She has worked diligently both on the independent and institutional stages, learned about the political and economic structures in culture and their influence, and in response, together with the group Artopia developed the performance Say Hi and Blow Me which made a shift in her but also within the local theatrical landscape. In May 2018, she completed her education at the DAS Theatre - Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam with the production of Chekhov’s Three sisters. Abroad she has directed the performances Youth at Grand Theatre Groningen (2018) and It's gonna take a bit of work at Moha and Veem Theater (2019). In June, 2020, she took part in the Saari residence in Finland with the curator Isobel Dryburgh where she explored the models of representation of women on stage and online.