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Jana Jakimovska

Jana Jakimovska

Jana Jakimovska (1981)  got her BA and MA at the Department of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in...

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Jana Jakimovska


Digital, because the future is digital. Photographed, because, in this era of copy-paste, the old skills are nothing but unnecessary luxuries. Scribbled, because everyone can scribble. Textually burdened, because we live in the time of memes, snapchat and purikura. Self-portrait, because your story will be easier to bear seen through someone else's distorted face. Facts, because the gods should be silenced once and for all. Humour, because there is not a subject that shouldn’t be made fun of. Orgasm, because the things we don't talk about cease to exist. - Jana Jakimovska

               Jana Jakimovska (1981)  got her BA and MA at the Department of painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje. She engages in painting, digital media, graphic design, photography, illustration, and public space interventions. Her latest work focuses on the feminist aspect through the issues of the body, the self, sexuality, and the position of women in society today. So far, she has had fifteen solo exhibitions in New York, Skopje, Belgrade, Prishtina, Kumanovo, Gevgelija, and Shtip. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, and the USA. She works as an associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts at the Goce Delchev University in Shtip.