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Kristina Ampeva

Kristina Ampeva

Kristina Ampeva is an activist for the rights of textile, leather and shoe industry workers and the president of the citizens’ association "Glasen tekstilec" from Shtip.

Kristina Bozhurska

Kristina Bozhurska

Kristina Bozhurska is an artist, culturol- ogist and art educator at the Quality International School of Skopje. She works in...

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PrivatePrint is a publishing house for art books from Skopje, North Macedonia. Since 2016, they have been dedicated to editing,...

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15 horror stories by women workers

20:00 MoCA plateau

Book by Kristina Bozurska, published by PrivatePrint 


15 Horror Stories by Women Workers is an art-documentary project by Kristina Bozhurska, published by PrivatePrint. The book consists of 15 testimonies of women workers accompanied by drawings made by the author. Bozurska's approach to this work is journalistic, by collecting authentic statements from the workers. Both in terms of design and content, this edition brings the aesthetics of a symbolic pamphlet that spreads the voices of these women and thus develops the opportunity for the artistic engagement to take on a new, thoughtful form and to really contribute to the problem it treats. This book, in the foreground, is conceived and realized as a fundraising project for the support of disadvantaged women workers in North Macedonia. With each purchase of the book, contribution is made to the work of the association "Glasen Tekstilec" from Stip, whose activities are aimed at improving the work conditions of workers in the textile, leather and shoe industry. The author Kristina Bozhurska, Kristina Ampeva, president of "Glasen Tekstilec" and the founders of PrivatePrint and editors of the publication, Ilija Prokopiev and Marija Hristova, will discuss about the book, the whole project, as well as the testimonies and problems they open.