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Dorotej Neshovski

Dorotej Neshovski

Neshovski Dorotej born in 1989 in Skopje, graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, majoring in sculpture, direction course mise-en-scene. He is the founder and member of the art group "ЅЕЕ" (Art Group SEE). His artistic interests include participatory activities, mapping, resonance, video selection, extra-institutional engagement, research and children's education.

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Children’s Workshop: Tote bags instead of plastic bags

The children's art workshop will aim to encourage us to think about public spaces, freedom, emotions, social issues, ecology, and social habits. We believe that by promoting a public, constructive discussion, we will straighten the mutual understanding and empathy.

The goals of the children's art workshop are to design creative solutions that will help us in the fight against climate change and air pollution, to revive the children's social habits in the public spaces through socializing and making new friendships. Urban cities are a product of our social lives, and that is precisely why it is crucial to create a proper and healthy environment through a thorough understanding of the lives that take part in it. As part of their social development, the children become agents of change, interaction, and innovations, and this is precisely why it is crucial to hear their voices through their artworks.

We will be illustrating freedom, mutual respect, human rights, emotional problems, ecology, public space, eco mapping…

The tote bags are provided by Glasen Tekstilec!

  • Duration:  ≈ 90 min
  • Number of participants: 10-15 
  • Age: 7+