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Jyoti Mistry

Jyoti Mistry

Jyoti Mistry (South Africa, 1970) works with film as an interplay between cinematic traditions and installation art. Her films have...

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Cause of Death

Film Programme
This is a dream not of a common language, but of a powerful infidel heteroglossia

🎬 Cause of Death

2020 [20’]


  • South Africa, Austria
  • Original language: English 
  • Director: Jyoti Mistry
  • Editor: Nikki Comninos 
  • Producer: Florian Schattauer / Süd Nord Film 


Womens’ bodies are always at risk. An autopsy report describes the physical impact on the body that results in death but hides the structural and recurrent violence on women’s bodies that leads to femicide. Through archival film footage, animation and spoken word poetry an experience of structural violence against women is exposed.

Festivals: Africa in Motion, Ireland, 2020; Festival International du Film, France, 2020; Gijon IFF, Spain, 2020; IDFA, Netherlands, 2020; BIEFF, Romania, 2020; IDFF, Czech Republic, 2020; Uppsala International Short FF, Sweden, 2020; Festival de Cine Africano, Spain, 2020; Festival des Cinemas Differents Collectif Jeune Cinema, France, 2020; Queerlisboa Lesbian & Gay Festival, Portugal, 2020; Internationales Kurzfilmfestival, Germany, 2020.