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Ruth Höflich

Ruth Höflich

Ruth Höflich is a visual artist and filmmaker born in Munich, Germany and currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Her moving...

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Plant (879 pages, 33 days)

Film Programme
This is a dream not of a common language, but of a powerful infidel heteroglossia


🎬 Plant (879 pages, 33 days) 

2020 [14’ 45”]


  • Australia
  • Original language: German
  • Script/editing/camera/sound: Ruth Höflich
  • Additional camera: Ulla von Gemmingen
  • Director, Editor, Producer: Ruth Höflich


During the 1980s, the transcript of a witch trial was found in the archive of a family property in southwest Germany. Plant (879 pages, 33 days) unfolds a conversation between mother and daughter that switches between the historical facts of the trial, and personal, ancestral connections to the site. The absent image of the persecution is replaced by a collection of photographs handled and dissected throughout the film–their physical and sensorial presence determined to act as carriers for unseen histories or intergenerational transmissions.