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Since its initiation in 2016, Artopia - a troupe from Skopje, working in the field of socially engaged theatre and...

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COCOON - Artopia

"I recognized those eyes. I know this woman. And she knows me, she’s known me since forever. We have seen each other many times. And now I see her, she is standing here and she is looking at me. And she is not judging me. She does not judge me. She accepts my silence as a cry on her shoulder."

  • Director: Biljana Radinoska 
  • Text and Dramaturgy: Biljana Radinoska and Verica Nedeska
  • Cast: Dushica Nastova, Kristina Lelovac, Simona Spirovska, Natasha Petrovich
  • Scenography: Martin Manev
  • Audio and video processing: Dushica Nastova
  • Camera: Marjan Petkovski
  • Producer: Filip Nikolovski

Organizers / technical support: Bojan Kirkovski, Nenad Mitevski

Supported by: Tiiiit inc., MKC - Skopje

Special thanks to: Filip Petrovski, Nenad Tonkin, Kosy


Based on a true story, Cocoon takes place in the space of the complex dynamics between silence and speaking up. Looking for a language through which the internal and external mechanisms of sexual abuse can be comprehended, this set of scenes, pictures, and songs as the emotional landscape of trauma boldly challenges theatre аs representation.

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