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Kalia Dimitrova

Kalia Dimitrova

Kalia Dimitrova (Skopje 1991) has a degree in political sciences from the Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus at the Ss....

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Relja Pekic Caric

Relja Pekic Caric

Relja Pekic Caric is an ethnologist and anthropologist. He is a co-founder of the Visual Anthropology Center (Belgrade) and a coordinator of the social center Krov  (Belgrade).

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Together: Women that make clubbing a common

Feminist platform Meduza and Visual Anthropology Center - Belgrade

  • Duration 39’
  • Original language: Macedonian
  • Production: Feminist platform Meduza (Skopje) & Visual Anthropology Center (Belgrade)
  • Author: Кalia Dimitrova
  • Co-authors: Relja Pekikj Carikj, Miklosh Barna Lipkovski, Nikola Radeka
  • Screenplay: Kalia Dimitrova
  • Camera: Relja Pekic Caric, Miklos Barna Lipkovski
  • Editing: Relja Pekic Caric, Nikola Radeka
  • Sound: Nikola Radeka

Together is a documentary based on friendship and research, which is a product of the collaboration between the Feminist platform Meduza (Skopje) and the Visual Anthropology Center (Belgrade). The documentary is based on the presumption that when (if) women and queer people work in the male-dominated fields (like the one in the focus of the movie), they (can) not only change the current conditions and relations but they also (can) create new ones.

The documentary shows a close-up of the lives of a couple of key figures of the cultural life in Skopje - the development, the interrelations, the collaborations, the obstacles, and the struggles of their existence before and after the health crisis. The lives of female and male DJs whose sets always make us feel liberated, safe, and like our true selves, but whose work was paused during the filming. Emi Ermilova, Sonja Ismail, Vera Vendeta, Ivana Dragsic, Ilina Angel, Ana Malo, and Zoki Bejbe tell us about their past and the future of this profession.