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Ivana Draskic

Ivana Draskic

Ivana Dragiskj, a sociologist and civil operator working in the area of urban commons and governance. Working with the colleagues...

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Ivana Hadzievska

Ivana Hadzievska

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Book promotion: Our Paths: 25 Female Stories in History (WoW Places)

Our Paths: 25 Female Stories in History (WoW Places)

This publication was initiated in 2020 via the partner project “Women on Women” – WoW Pro carried out with the sister organizations in Ljubljana (Mesto Žensk) and Zagreb (VoxFeminae). The book is a peculiar guide not only through the geography of North Macedonia but also through the temporal narrow foot trails treated by women who participated in its milestone historical courses. This Guide, in point of fact, takes you to 25 places of tribulations, successes, rejoicing and suffering; through villages and cities, fields and factories, schools, local neighborhoods, orphanages, hospitals, formal places and ‘no places’, places of power or powerless within the public and private sphere of our country, which we read very little about through the specifically female perspective. These women and places, as well as the stories that connect them, are not parallel or secondary narratives but are one of the two historical arteries in the heart of our present-day society, frequently left out from the history of building and tearing down many local worlds.


The book will be promoted by its authors Ivana Dragshikj, Ivana Hadjievska and Jana Kocevska.