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Božena Končić Badurina

Božena Končić Badurina

Božena Končić Badurina was born in 1967 in Zagreb. She took a degree in German and Russian language and literature...

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Duga Mavrinac

Duga Mavrinac

Duga Mavrinac

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OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE FESTIVAL - Ćemo, ćemo … ja, ma kako ćemo?! Bozena Koncic Badurina and Duga Mavrinac

The authors of the ambience installation Ćemo, ćemo … ja, ma kako ćemo?! popularize the question of the unpaid domestic labor. Its content is a result of their ethnological research on the labor of the Croatian women that work in Italy as caregivers for elders. The installation exposes and expounds the absence of the domestic workers in the everyday and public space, and their nonexistent institutionalized protection.
The Convention C189 of the International labor organization, voted in June 2011, takes a special place in the installation. The Convention acknowledges the domestic workers’ labor and human rights by also de-fining the basic standards for their protection.
The art book “Here and there” compli-ments the installation with texts and draw-ings that unite the different experiences of the Croatian caregivers, their distinctive transmigrant work, and their identities. Throughout a loose narrative, the book tries to note how the constant travel and taking care of two households can affect the identity of the caregivers and their relationships with their families.
The installation has been shown in the exhibition “Between here and there: The anatomy of the temporary migrations” in the Museum of contemporary art in Rijeka, and in the exhibition “They were kind of a solution” in the gallery “Nova” in Zagreb, 2017