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Veternica Colective

Veternica Colective

Ars Lamina

Ars Lamina

Ars Lamina

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Presentation of the children’s workshop “Beginners course for rebels” and promotion of the book “Good night stories for rebel girls”

During the three days long workshop “Beginners’ course for rebels” the children will learn the basic definitions of labor and its distribution in the society. The goal is to encourage working in groups, to inspire solidarity and everyone to work together no matter their gender, to awaken their fantasy and creativity, to acknowledge the importance of creating a world of equality. The inspiration for the workshop came from the first edition in Macedonian of the book “Good night stories for rebel girls” whose promotion will take place on FIRST BORN GIRL. Good night stories for rebel girls” written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo is a children’s and adults’ book composed of 100 good night stories for 100 exceptional women from the past and today. They are illustrated by 60 female artists from all around the world.The protagonists in these stories are not damsels in distress waiting for their prince to save them; they are stories for real women from the past and today, that have succeeded in their goals no matter the bad circumstances. Stories for the rebel girls whose actions changed the course of history.

Collective Veternica (eng.Windmill) is an independent and self-sustained art collective which organizes educational and creative workshops, summer and winter schools for children and youth. They have programs for mastering curriculums through associative learning and work with publishing. This female collective, founded by Marija Bejkova – actress, Ivana Nelkovska - dramaturge, Biljana Dimitrova – cultural worker, and Sanja Vrbek – political scientist, works towards crushing stereotypes like: ”dancing is for girls”...

Founded in 2005, Ars Lamina has become one of the biggest publishers of academic, scientific, and belletristic literature in the country.