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Dragana Stojcevska Gunin

Dragana Stojcevska Gunin

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Performance + Discussion | Where do all the plays that don’t get shown go?

The actors who have worked with Dragana, describe her as an unique and dynamic director who knows how to make a blend of ideas and feelings. Due to the fact that she is a psychologist, she also knows how to understand and lead the actor as a partner in the process. She is also a great animal lover and activist for human rights.


Psychosis is our story. Psychosis is our loneliness, their absence. Our unsuccessful need to be heard and their need to shut us up. Psychosis is me, and you and us and them. Everyone. Psychosis is all the schizophrenia of the decaying people. Psychosis is the man that stopped loving you. Psychosis is the man who left. Psychosis is the absence of the world. Psychosis is who was there and  who you are blaming for it. Psychosis is you to your own self. Yourself. Psychosis are the others. Everyone that didn’t hear you, everyone that hurt you, everyone that left without goodbye.

Where do all the plays that don’t get shown go? …. can be seen as an artistic performance of the director Dragana Gunin. It is a piece that brings her out of her comfort zone and a piece that opens new ways of expression in the Macedonian contemporary  theatrical scene. With a simple mise-en-scene, alone on the stage, the director as the only actress in her own play starts to deconstruct her past, in order to create a new piece that signifies a cry for hope which still exists.” (Ivana Smilevska,


The performance is followed by discussion with the author.