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Sandra Dahlén

Sandra Dahlén

Sandra Dahlén (Sweden) has been working as a sex educator for 20 years - as a lecturer, trainer and writer....

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Lecture | Sandra Dahlén: Vaginal Sex


The lecture is based on the new book about vaginal sex by Sandra Dahlén (in Swedish: Hallongrottan - en bok om slidsex) that is released in August 2017. The book is focusing on the vagina (the inner path of the female genitals) and it introduces the new word "vaginal sex" to broaden the perspectives of how the vagina functions and what sex can be. All over the world people have little knowledge about the vagina, but they still practice vaginal sex, or more correctly, they often practice vaginal intercourse. This is often a very narrow concept that only includes penis in the vagina - not for example fingers in the vagina, or stimulating the clitoris during intercourse. As a result of that we see a large number of painful intercourses and difficulties for many women to reach an orgasm. A basic understanding of the body functions and a wider perspective of what sex can be is important to fully enjoy sexual health and rights. The book is the first in the world to focus on the vagina and vaginal sex, and the lecture will be about on how to enjoy sex, regardless of sexual orientation, on your own or together with others.