Hristina Ivanovska

Hristina Ivanovska

Hristina Ivanoska (b. 1974) is PhD-in-Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Ivanoska works interdisciplinary, investigating social and political systems and their links to theory and history. She has exhibited at Künstlerhaus (Graz), MNAC (Bucharest), State Museum of Contemporary Art (Thessalonica), MOCA (Skopje), Slovak National Gallery (Bratislava), NGBK (Berlin), <rotor> (Graz), Konsthall C (Stockholm), Magazin4 (Bregenzer), MOCA (Belgrade) and other venues. Her works are part of Deutsche Bank Collection, Art Telekom Collection, Van Abbe Museum, MOCA Skopje and others. Ivanoska and Calovski co-founded “press to exit project space” in Skopje. They were representatives of Pavilion of the Republic of Macedonia at 56th Venice Biennial in 2015.

The work Poor Little Rich Girl (erased past)  is based on photographs from the artist’s archive done in 2002 where an imaginary female character, represented by Ivanoska, was photographed in different locations throughout Skopje. Discovering them twelve years later she realized that they kept the site and the sensation of the city that is lost forever. In the last years the public space became a playground for the government and the neo-liberal capital. Ignoring any public debate, in a very short time they occupied the space and overloaded with buildings and monuments. The newly erected architecture designed in pretentious eclectic style, disregarding the modernist past of the city became Skopje’s future. On the enlarged prints of the three selected photographs Ivanoska using only gold acrylic paint and white ink is creating an iconic representation of the lost city. Through those interventions she is creating a new environment that is in total opposition of the current sites raising her individual voice against the changes that destroyed the natural flux of the existing public space and the aura of the city center.