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Short Teen Movies Sreening 96’ | VOXfeminae FESTIVAL

Short teen movies by Croatian female and male authors.

In the past few years Croatia has witnessed a boom in new authors and movies that enable Croatian cinema to pass the Bechdel test.

The selected movies show (a)typical situations from everyday life of teenagers. 



Two children spend their time on the top of the skyscraper with sea view. He is Tom Sawyer, and she is Alice in Wonderland, and they do everything that is forbidden. Her parents are not present, but their telephone conversations imply that they are hiding something, during that time she is left with her grandma. On the top of the skyscraper the Youngster will fall love for the first time, enjoy time spent with Zane, a boy that she is in love with, until two older girls show up and take over his attention. 



Part of the omnibus Zagreb stories pt.2 - Two girls in their 20s, Mia and Sara, move in a new apartment. Will their love get lost between the boxes that surround them? First Lady of Dubrava Amra is a rapper from the hood, Dina is Amra’s annoying younger sister. Dina has asthma and often acts as if she can’t breathe, just to get what she wants. On the day of the shooting of Amra’s new video, their parents go shopping in Bosnia, and Amra is stuck with Dina.


MY! MY! MY Room! 

The oldest sister prepares for her studies abroad, her younger brother and sister start a battle over her room. They both want to move out of the big room, where they sleep with their parents and finally get some privacy.



Maria has a boyfriend, but her roommate Nikolina is still a virgin. But, when she realizes that social norms and rituals have changed, she starts to change her attitude and accept new responsibilities.