Feminist Stand-up with Sofija Ristevska, Angela Stojanovska and Boris Gay

What we are especially looking forward to is the first feminist stand-up show that will take place on May 26 in MKC Club restaurant. In line with this year's festival focus and generally the big wave of discussions about the subversive power of humor and comedy globally, we will see Angela Stojanovska, Sofija Ristevska and Boris Gay (Sophie Saxon) / Sophie Saxon as Drag King on stand-up.

Occupying this (often) exclusively heteronormative space is in fact essential to impose the views of those who are most often the target of ridicule. So we decided to make room for narratives that make fun of ridiculers and bounce off "hehe" humor. 

If you like stand-up and you think that the stand-up scene lacks feminist energy, then see you on May 26 at MKC Club Restaurant.