Shame on you! - Queer Storytelling Night and an afterparty with Zoki Bejbe
Skopje Pride Weekend in cooperation with the feminist festival “Firstborn Girl” #PPZH10! Warmly invite you to Shame on you! – Queer storytelling night and an afterparty with Zoki Bejbe! 
Shame on you! as part of the Skopje Pride Weekend is an initiative by the PeachPreach duo Ana Vasileva and Rumena Buzharovska. Several storytellers from the public cultural, political, and social spheres will share their stories of the physical, gender, and sexual shame that have marked their social abnormality - hence, "queer" as something that goes beyond the acceptable social code.

This edition of Shame on you! we will be hearing the stories of: Biljana Ginova, Gjorgje Jovanovic, Jelena Visnjic, Lila Milic, Ana Avramoska and Slavco Dimitrov. 
By sharing these stories publicly, the shame becomes reversed and transformed. Consequently, the ridiculed becomes the mocker and the shame goes back to those who, being carried away by their arrogance and privilege, assume that they have the right to be the gender, sexual and moral police and to humiliate.
Shame is related to our desires, pleasures, behaviors, movements and thoughts, so these stories create narratives of resistance. Finally, our shame becomes our pleasure and happiness. Instead of a bowed head and burning cheeks, we resist. Instead of the unbearable internal suffocation, we burst out laughing.
This event has the intention to use humor as a powerful tool to resist and break social norms and pressure that creates the feeling of shame to us as individuals.
After the event we move to Bistro Comedy at a party with a DJ set by Zoki Baby. 
Tickets can be purchased at the Comedy Theater or through this link 👉
This issue of #PPZH10 is supported by: Sweden and The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, Sigrid Rising Trust and the Ministry of Culture of  the Republic of North Macedonia.