The stigma, shame and taboos on the reproductive health of young people stubbornly spread their tentacles through public space and create a general inaccessibility to information and tools about this part of public health. This initiative is a response to young people's systemically disrupted access to menstrual products and contraception.

The Government of RSM has reduced the budget for HIV prevention by 40%, and according to the latest study on menstrual justice, which Tiiiit! Inc. made together with Reactor, in the country 67% of respondents grew up with the idea that menstruation and menstrual blood is shameful. What paints an even bleaker picture of the financially precarious reality of the people with periods, the research showed that 32% of the surveyed said that at least once in their life they found themselves in a situation where they do not have money to buy pads and had to improvise with towels or toilet paper.

Because of this, the Association for the Promotion of Women's Action Tiiiit! Inc. and the Youth Cultural Center need your support to raise funds for a vending machine with menstrual products and condoms, where these products can be purchased tax-free. The vending machine would be placed in the lobby of the MKC and with that the menstrual products and condoms will be available for the guests and the audience that follows the events in the Youth Cultural Center. The availability of these products advocates safe sex and dignified menstruation.

Sanitary and contraceptive machines are nothing new, on the contrary, such availability for certain vulnerable groups has proven health benefits.

The idea is to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and reduce menstrual poverty, as well as to normalize the dialogue about periods and safe sex. Building a healthy relationship with reproductive health and sexuality is crucial in creating a healthy relationship with your own body.

Donations can be made on this LINK.