Reaction of the Platform for Gender Equality: What scandal needs to happen to finally wake up the Medical Chamber and the Public Prosecutor's Office?

Less than a week after the March 8 march, the out-of-date judiciary and the Medical Chamber are clearly announcing that women in the country may survive, but they will hardly receive justice.

March 15, 2023 - The Platform for Gender Equality is appalled by the latest scandalous case of a woman who underwent a double masectomy due to a misdiagnosis of breast cancer, and extremely outraged by the inertia of the competent institutions and the flagrant violation of laws, especially when it comes to for gross violation of the right to health.

At the same time, as a Platform made up of 28 organizations fighting for women's rights and largely led and composed of women, we sympathize with the patient whose right to health and bodily autonomy has been seriously violated, which has enormous consequences for her well-being and quality of life.

According to the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, a member organization of the Platform, since 2018 when the patient filed a criminal complaint against two doctors and the Clinic for Radiotherapy and Oncology for serious crimes against people's health and negligent work in the service, until today the Public Prosecutor's Office no decision has been made to indict or stop the investigative procedure. Moreover, the High Public Prosecutor's Office – which reacted to a complaint from the Helsinki Committee! - reported that the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office acted in accordance with the Law on Criminal Procedure and the Law on Public Prosecution, despite the fact that the investigative procedure has been going on for almost 4 years.

For the competent authorities, it is not disputed the non-compliance with the legally established deadlines according to which the investigation procedure can last for a maximum of 13 months, nor the lack of promptness of the Medical Chamber which submitted a Report on performing an extraordinary inspection after more than 2 years, and that at the urging of the Helsinki Committee.

Hence, with great revolt and disappointment, we state that in this way both the justice system and the Medical Chamber contribute to the culture of impunity, mistrust in the system and disrespect for human rights, thus directly supporting the systemic neglect of women's health.

Taking all this into account, the Platform for Gender Equality asks the Public Prosecutor's Office to act urgently and issue a public prosecution decision. There must be responsibility!