About the performing program of PPŽ11

...words by Kristina Lelovac.



The performer, as well as the full program of the eleventh FIRSTBORN GIRL, follows the promising words of Audrey Lorde

"The future of our earth may depend upon the ability of all women to identify and develop new definitions o power and new patterns of relating across difference."

and proposes contents that will confirm this assumption of hers and - consolingly and encouragingly - will offer us alternatives for a new coexistence.

After the performance Extima: Fertile soil, which illuminated the analogy between the simultaneous admiration and exploitation of nature and women in the raging patriarchy, this month's performance program of PPŽ11 continues with "this is my truth tell me yours" by Jasna Zhmak - a performance in which she it questions the responsibilities and anxieties that imply authorial positions and asks (us) about the importance and meaning of artistic creation in the era of wild capitalism.

As part of this year's performance program of PPŽ11, the Macedonian premiere of "Eleonora the cat" by Karen Yes, the award-winning text about the radical self-determination of a woman and the irreversible rejection of the system as a whole, will take place.

The play was developed by the team consisting of the architect and scenic design associate Monika Angelevska, the comparatist and independent researcher of contemporary literature, film, culture and queer issues Gracia Atanasovska, the actress and master of cultural studies Jasmina Vasileva, the video author and researcher of multimedia forms Veronika Kamchevska and the Germanist, editor and translator Katerina Shekutkovska, within the performing arts platform REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES 2.0. This year's platform focuses on thinking about ways we work TOGETHER in the performing arts to find and offer a feminist example of a more compassionate and solidary, safer and more just and thus more stimulating context in which we can truly create theater authentically and politically, artistically and socially relevant. Part of the activities organized within the framework of the Platform - open rehearsals, conversations, lectures, meetings and workshops with domestic and international theoreticians and practitioners - will be open to the professional and general public, in line with the determination of PPZ to constantly contribute to the strengthening of the local independent cultural scene.

The performance program of PPŽ11 is realized in cooperation with LOKOMOTIVA - Center for new initiatives in art and culture, the international theater festival MOT and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje.

Together, "we continue to search for new and more possible encounters."