Performance program | I NEED A NEW BODY by Viktorija Ilioska and Artist talk
Premiere: I NEED A NEW BODY - dance performance

⌛ 20h
📍 YCC, Dance Hall
When crises - pandemic, climate collapse, wars and nuclear threats - no longer accumulate but feed off each other, it is easier for us to imagine the end of the world than to oppose expansion, exploitation and extraction. In order to survive, we need to stay together, holding hands tighter, hugging each other tighter, loving each other more than ever and imagine the world's most radical alternatives.
Confirming that ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО (FIRSTBORN GIRL) is (still) here only because it has always been common - a shared place of meeting and never leaving, of getting to know and acknowledging each other, of sharing without hierarchies, of tenderness and caring for each other, the performance program of the jubilee edition of the Festival is realised thanks to and in honour of friends who from the very beginning loved, enabled, supported, and created it… and who still do. In comradeship with Lokomotiva, at the 47th MOT Festival we are sharing with the audience the premiere of the new dance performance I NEED A NEW BODY by the long year and beloved friend of ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО (FIRSTBORN GIRL) - the choreographer and performer Viktorija Ilioska (North Macedonia/Germany) followed by an artist talk moderated by Biljanja Tanurovska - Kjulavkovski and Kristina Lelovac.
Hannah Arendt wrote that friendship of a serious kind is what makes life worth living. ПРВО ПА ЖЕНСКО (FIRSTBORN GIRL) affirms that female friendship is the only reason we survived the ten years behind us and advocates that it is the only way to survive the tens of years ahead of us, as well as the end of the world.
🔴 🔴 🔴 Program: 
🔴 16.11.2022 | 20 h | YCC
🔴 PREMIERE: I NEED A NEW BODY dance performance
🔻Concept and choreography: Viktorija Ilioska in conversation with Nastya Dzyuban, Laura Stellacci
🔻Performance: Viktorija Ilioska and Nastya Dzyuban
🔻Voices: Amélie Haller and Maren Küpper
In a world where we enjoy a fake image of endless resources, where we sucked the earth to draw out the last bits, how do we continue to pump? The operation of pumping, that is, moving matters from one location to another, seems to be at the core of most vital processes of both production and reproduction. We draw, suck, elicit, and drain the earth's body to enrich our lives on it, emptying our future(s). At the same time, we suck, boost, inject and inflate our bodies, transgressing their capacities. Pumping can paradoxically be at the same time capitalist practice of exhaustion as well as the feminist practice of enrichment and enhancement. Once pumped on one side, the other one is being sucked. Perhaps, eventually this piece will be busy with wasting, emptying and exhausting. One thing is certain, “I need a new body” will take place in-between: between a body as an exhibition and a body as a resource while looking at the place where these two intersect.
Coproduction between Lokomotiva-Center for New Initiative in Arts and Culture/Choreographed bodies program, Life Long Burning (LLB)/ Performance Situation Room program, NDA Slovenia and Viktorija Ilioska. Supported by: Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia, Creative Europe (in the frame of Life Long Burning)
🔴 17.11.2022 | 12 h| YCC, Gallery 2 (Cinema Frosina)
🔻Moderators: Biljana Tanurovska - Kjulavkoski (LOKOMOTIVA) and Kristina Lelovac (FIRSTBORN GIRL)
🔻 Collaborators: Dushica Lazova and Elisabeth Kolevska
#ППЖ10 Performance program is realised in collaboration with Lokomotiva – Centre for new initiatives in arts and culture (Skopje) and the International theatre festival MOT.
The jubilee edition of the Festival is supported by The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, The Sigrid Rausing Trust and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia.