The Politics and Pleasures of Polyamory | workshop with Mima Simic and Marta Susak
*illustration by Jochen Schievink
Mima and Marta are probably the most famous Croatian lesbian couple, not just because there aren't any others, but for their social activism and involvement. Passionately believing that personal is political, and that the political is sexy, for the past six years they have been exploring the space of non-monogamy as a political and personal playground. In the workshop The Politics and Pleasures of Polyamory they will discuss the many potentials of (queer) non-monogamous life – from theory to practice and back. They will share tips on how to navigate jealousy, dating apps, life with multiple girlfriends and two geriatric cats.
photo by Marko Vucenik 
Marta Šušak founded the first student LGBTIQ+ initiative in Croatia, where she was active in feminist, queer and animal rights groups. Her passion for feminist porn brought her to study in Berlin, where she explored the topic in theory and practice, and is now training to become a sex and couples´ therapist. Marta's topics of personal and professional interests include attachment theory, kink and BDSM, polyamory, queer pleasure and all their wonderful intersections.
Mima Simić – writer, film critic, translator, political activist. For two decades Mima has been engaging with (mostly popular) media to subvert the heteropatriarchal matrix by coming out in the most unexpected places. Her more exciting endeavors include raising lesbian visibility on quiz shows, cooking shows, women’s magazines, and also running/cycling for the European Parliament. Thanks to polyamory she lives between Berlin, Zagreb, and Topanga, CA.
This workshop is made possible with the support of Sweden and the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.
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