Reaction of the Platform for Gender Equality: Women in our country are also losing their lives due to continuous systemic neglect of health!

The Platform for Gender Equality expresses its condolences to the family of the patient from Prilep and strongly reacts to the negligence of the state and health institutions in the gross violation of human rights and the flagrant violation of laws in the country as a direct cause of the death that occurred.

Namely, according to the information released to the public, there are indications of violation of the laws regarding the provision of appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions in a health facility, absence of application of appropriate hygiene measures, the direct consequence of which is the death of the patient. This indicates a serious crime committed against people's health, which unfortunately has been repeated several times in the past period in our country. After the curettage was performed in the Prilep hospital, the patient was sent for home treatment, only to return the very next day with a seriously worsened condition and after being referred to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje, she died. This was the reason to close the operating rooms in the Prilep hospital and to send swabs for examination. What is of serious concern and must not go unaccounted for is the suspicion of the presence of a very rare and dangerous intrahospital bacterium in the health facility.

Although, according to the notification from the hospital, the procedure for checking the presence of intrahospital bacteria has been started, there was no official notification from the Ministry of Health, nor information about the actions of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate.

This case is, unfortunately, the culmination of continuous reporting regarding poor hospital conditions and lack of access to quality services and care for sexual and reproductive health in our country. Recently, we have already reacted to the case of Yeldz Veaposka, in which the published finding that there is no medical negligence or error on the part of gynecologist Muhammed Asani, who is still the director of the Struga hospital and the owner of an unregistered gynecological practice, was shocking.

With all this in mind, the Platform for Gender Equality urgently requests:

Complete transparency and publication of the results of the examination of the bacteriological condition of the premises in the hospital in Prilep;
The Ministry of Health should issue a statement and take responsibility in relation to the case and in relation to the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the health institutions of the state;
The State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate to carry out inspections and inform the public about the results.