Open position in Tiiiit! Inc.


The Association of Citizens for the Promotion of Women's Activity Tiiiit! Inc. - Skopje announces a competition for the employment of a person for the position of project coordinator.

The association for the promotion of women's activities Tiiiit! Inc. was founded in 2014 and directs its work towards the main vision in work and action. Tiiit! Inc. believes in a gender equal society in which feminist values are an asset and women and marginalized communities create social, political and cultural life. The mission of Tiiiit! Ink is an opposition to patriarchal values, primarily acting in culture to create and actively maintain an open space for the expression and action of women and marginalized communities as bearers of critical reflection on the social context. One of the main activities of the organization is the festival of feminist culture and action FIRST THEN WOMEN.
For the needs of expanding the team and increasing work activities, Tiiiit! Inc. publishes:

ADVERTISEMENT FOR Project Coordinator(s)

Position description, tasks and conditions:

Preparation and writing of project applications, including European projects (Creative Europe, Erasmus, etc. EU programs for human rights or culture) for the work of the association;

Coordinating and implementing project activities;

Planning of current activities and projects;

Coordination of collaborators and engaged persons in the implementation of projects;

Communication with existing donors and mapping of new donors related to the goals of the organization;

Preparation of narrative reports on projects;

Organizing events, conferences and press conferences;

Participation in representation and communication with institutions within the project activities;

With the selected candidate Tiiiit! Inc. will conclude an employment contract for a fixed period of 1 year;

Working hours will be 30 hours per week (70% work engagement), in accordance with the Law on Labor Relations in the Republic of Macedonia.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor of Social Studies with completed four-year higher education in humanities;

At least three years of work experience in managing projects in the field of human rights / culture;

Experience in implementing projects financed by the European Union and/or other international donors;

Advanced knowledge and use of oral and written working English;

Computer skills;

Gender sensitization approach to work and work related to gender perspective;

Work in a team and with partner organizations; and

Advanced organizational and communication skills.

As an advantage will be considered:

Completed postgraduate studies;

Knowing the previous work of Tiiiit! Inc. and monitoring the activities of the association as well as the festival FIRSTBORN GIRL.

Deadline and required documents for application:

Interested candidates for the job position must submit a short curriculum vitae (CV) in the Macedonian language and a motivation letter. References and contact details of two persons from previous jobs should be listed in the short biography. Applications are submitted to the following email address: no later than February 3, 2023.

Candidate selection procedure:

The candidate selection committee will review the received applications. Untimely and incomplete applications from candidates will not be taken into account. The commission will create a ranking list of the received applications depending on the degree of fulfillment of the qualifications described in this announcement. No later than February 15, the most qualified candidates will be called for an interview. Depending on the results of the interview, a candidate will be selected who will be offered the job position.

The initial monthly net salary is MKD 35,000.

Deadline: no later than February 3, 2023.

Apply at or write to us if you need more detailed information about the position.

The position is at the headquarters of Tiiiit! Inc. near the Ministry of Economy.