"Why March 8?" | Application for educator(s).

If you are future educators, educators, teachers or simply see yourself in the future working with young people, this is the call for you.

For our favorite day of the year, this March we're back for the third time with the high school-tailored "Why March 8?" curriculum and materials. This material was prepared in order to open a space for an inclusive discussion with young people about gender inequality and feminism, this year with a special focus on women and women's initiatives in social and political life in the past. The pedagogically adapted material includes a lesson plan with a set of contents and sources that would help the educators to get to know and prepare for the class, as well as teaching materials and aids for the students that would be used during the class.

For this purpose Tiiiit!Inc. engages educators who would implement the already prepared teaching materials during a high school lesson in the departments of the professor(s) who have signed up for cooperation. The materials will be adapted in agreement with the professor(s) and the needs of the department. After the selection of four educators, they will be connected with the registered professor(s) in whose class they will teach the materials. Each educator will be engaged to teach for a maximum of two hours, and all necessary materials and teaching aids will be provided by Tiiiit!Inc. The scheduled classes will be held in the period after March 8 until the end of the month.

The purpose of these materials is to encourage all those who are active stakeholders in the educational process to become part of a discussion that is an inseparable part of everyday existence and participation in our society. In addition, this collaboration between future and current experienced professors and educators is an excellent opportunity to open a space for positive experiences working with students and a professional approach to discussing topics of women's emancipation and gender equality.

The call is open until March 5 (Sunday). For this engagement, the educator(s) will receive a freelance fee.

The implementation of the activity is supported by the Kvinna till Kvinna foundation.

If you have any further questions, please email us at tiiiit.inc@gmail.com. We look forward to your applications :)