FIRSTBORN GIRL performing arts platform


Committed to developing production in the field of performing arts, in 2021 Feminist Culture and Action Festival WOMEN FIRST transformed its performance program into a platform for education and production in the field of performing arts entitled REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES.

In the same year, within the framework of the International Theater Festival MOT, official partner of PPZ since 2017, two original feminist performances developed within the framework of the platform, through a process based on solidarity, support, joint learning and cooperation, premiered - SHAME of the actress Angela Stojanovska and JOVANO, JOVANKE of the dancer and choreographer Jovana Zajkova.

As a continuation of the activities of the platform TRYING FEMINISTIC FUTURES, until the end of 2023, with the support of the Equality Fund, Sigrid Rausing Trust, Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, the development of a feminist performance of a local art collective is planned, within the framework of a structured program which will include:

1 - Selection of the artistic collective through an open call intended for collectives of 4 to 6 local professionals who work on the independent cultural scene in the field of performing arts, but also in other disciplines - film, music, visual arts, literature, architecture, gender studies, critical theory, etc.,

2 - System of constant support of the creative process. The collective will receive constant creative, as well as logistical and financial support during all phases and aspects of the process of the development of the work, while artistic freedom and specific expression will be fully respected. Artistic fees, production (rehearsal space, equipment, props, costumes, contracts with collaborators, etc.) and promotional costs will be covered in full;

3 - Education. Artists will be involved in meetings, lectures and workshops on the interpretation of gender in the arts, feminist performance and collaborative interdisciplinary art practices with local and international theorist(s) and practitioner(s). The platform's educational program will also be open to a wider (professional) audience, in order to compensate for the lack of a gender perspective in formal education in the field of arts;

4 - Production. The production of the performance will be supported or fully realized by a person hired by Tiiiit! Inc., with specific work experience in the field of performing arts and event management. The performance will premiere as part of the MOT International Theater Festival 2023.

Program Timeline:

June Publication of the open call for local artist collectives

July Selection process

August - November Creative process: research, project development, educational program, finalizing the process, production

November - December Premiere of ILO 2023

Signup Instructions:

Required documents for application:

* A letter of motivation (1,500 - 2,500 words) in which you will present them

Your team through information about:

* composition (members). Preference in the selection will be given to collectives in which women participate who are not employed, nor do they have a regular freelance relationship with any public institution in their area of activity,

* the connection (previous collaborations) of the members/members,

* the affiliation with the local independent cultural scene of the members/members of the collective.

Your project proposal through information about:

* a brief description of the project proposal,

* the gender perspective of the proposed project,

* a planned way of developing the performance (eg research, accumulation of material through improvisations, work on the text, etc.). The process-oriented way of working, in which the meanings, goals, form and essence of the work derive from the process, and not from some predetermined meaning, which in turn implies a different ethic of the work (artistic) process, will be considered an advantage,

* the distribution of the responsibilities of members in the artistic process. The non-hierarchical, multiplied relations of the members/members of the team will be considered an advantage.

A short biography of each member of the collective (200 - 350 words) with an overview of relevant projects of the members. Please include photos, links to videos, reviews, media releases.


5 - 15.6.2023 Questions and answers

During this period we are at your disposal for any additional information at

5.7.2023 Application deadline

Please state "IFI Platform 2023_NAME OF PROPOSAL PROJECT_application" as the title of the e-mail message, attach the necessary documents and send it to

6 - 25.7.2023 Selection

During this period, the candidates could be invited to an (online) meeting.

25.7.2023 Announcement of the selection


Photo of Dragica Nikolovska from the dance performance "Jovano, Jovanke" by Jovana Zajkova,