Happy New Year 2024, and a look back at 2023

This year was marked by the inability of the institutions to protect women in this country, and the dangers we face which are on a daily basis and are lurking from all sides. This year ended as it began - with the case of Yildz Veaposka from Struga, who was left without a uterus, ovary and kidney during the caesarean section, and this month again (!), for the third time, the court process began against the three doctors from the Struga Hospital. This circle in which we are constantly moving was the impetus for the March 8 protest under the motto: "Will women survive here?"

In the meantime, we held the educational lectures on the topic "Why March 8?" in cooperation with the teaching staff in secondary schools and young future professors, educators, trainers and educators. The purpose of this activity, which we will carry out next year as well, is to fill the lack and omission of topics in education related to feminism and gender equality precisely on March 8 - the International Day for Political, Economic and Social Struggle for Women's Equality, as well as to the critical approach to educational materials offered by formal education is encouraged.

On April 6, we also had this year's edition of Peach Preach on the topic: "I was alone", motivated by that surge of news about crimes committed against women in moments when, due to a combination of circumstances, they found themselves alone with the perpetrator. The authors of PitchPrich - Ana Vasileva and Rumena Buzharovska, through "I was alone" emphasized the exposure to violence, the wrong location of the blame, the frequent failure to act and commented on the lack of systemic support that women face. In the following video you can see the storytellers who shared their stories.

We started the eleventh edition of FIRSTBORN GIRL motivated by the words of Audrey Lorde: "The future of our earth may depend upon the ability of all women to identify and develop new definitions o power and new patterns of relating across difference." On May 13, we saw the performance "EXTIMA : Fertile soil" by Olja Grubić, produced by ViaNegativa, which opens up the complex relationship between private and public, personal and social. Immediately afterwards, we watched a concert by the Alembic duo from Skopje and the spectacular Bojana Vunturishević - one of the most current singer-songwriters in the region.

On May 29, we had the honour of streaming a lecture by Jody Dean, an exceptional American political theorist, philosopher, professor of political science and media theory, followed by a conversation with Senka Anastasova, a philosopher and professor of aesthetics and political philosophy on the topic of intersectional humanism today.

We are especially proud that this year, together with the PERIOD.Skopje initiative, we managed to hold the conference on the topic: "Breaking taboos: Menstrual justice for all!", in which representatives of civil associations, members of parliament and other state institutions participate. The opening address was given by the member of the Parliament of the Scottish Parliament - Monica Lennon, credited for the advocacy process in the parliament that resulted in the passing of a special law. This conference aimed to develop a discussion on the state of menstrual justice in the country and offer solutions for the eventual eradication of menstrual poverty as well as breaking down taboos and stigmas related to menstruation.

Within the framework of FIRSTBORN GIRL in cooperation with Skopje Pride Weekend, this year at „SHAME!“ We had a great time at the Frosina Cinema, and the icing on the cake was definitely the performance of Kocho Andonovski accompanied by Leo and Ignu, who in a special drag treat took us out of our trances first with his emotional monologue, and then lipsyncing History repeating by Propellerheads as Shirley. Rumena described it beautifully here.

We are proud that in September, we took a big step and for the first time we organised the DJ workshop "WOMEN BEHIND THE DJ COUNTER" intended for girls and women who want to develop their DJ skills. The workshop lasted for a month, and the mentor of the workshop, the well-known DJ Diana Dimitrievska aka DIAH and the DJ, digger, promoter and mentor of the workshop Bojan Janev aka Soul Case shared their knowledge with the 10 girls who participated in it. In October, we also held a closing party, which went wonderfully, and some of the girls already had their own sets even after the workshop ended.

We had the opportunity to watch the author's project of writer and playwright Jasna Zhmak "this is my truth tell me yours" on the Academic Stage of FDU - our most recent collaborators, where more than 100 visitors attended.

We once again had the opportunity to work with our collaborators Kontrapunkt and the artist Shejla Kamerić, who in October promoted her art book "Mother is a bitch" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, where Tiiiit! Inc. And Kontrapunkt participate as collaborators. On the next link is the video of the conversation where our guests, apart from Sejla Kamerić, were also the editor of the publication Ziva Kleindinst, Jasmina Tumbas and Milica Bezmarevic. The conversation was led by Jovanka Popova. If you are interested in a copy of the book, feel free to contact us at our email tiiiit.inc@gmail.com

Supported by the French Embassy in Skopje, in November organized by Tiiiit! Inc. strategic planning and regional connection took place with partners from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, with whom we jointly set ourselves the goal of further advocacy for menstrual justice and comprehensive sexual education. This was an opportunity to see how all countries in the region face the same challenges, which makes joint action seem like an appropriate approach to solving problems and raising awareness of these extremely important problems.

Our Kristina Lelovac was also this year the coordinator of the performing arts platform REHEARSING FEMINIST FUTURES 2.0, at which the interdisciplinary artistic collective consisting of five women Monika Angelevska, Gracia Atanasovska, Jasmina Vasileva, Veronika Kamchevska and Katerina Shekutkovska was selected, who managed to prepare the pefromance " Eleonora the Cat" - promoted within the framework of the MOT and had two completely sold-out performances at Club MCC, within the framework of the MOT+ at the end of November. The producer of the performance is Petar Antevski.

This year we also continued the initiative to open a "Missing Dialogue" within the framework of the MOT program and in cooperation with LOKOMOTIVA, and this time the topic was: "Missing Institution", that is, a dialogue for a common space that would bring together contemporary performative practices who operate in the country.

One of the things we are most proud of is the opportunity to have a special screening of the documentary film "Silence of Reason" by our Kumjana Novakova, this special screening was within the framework of FIRSTBORN GIRL. A forensic video essay constructed as a performative exploration of the first international criminal tribunal case to convict military rape as a form of torture and military sexual slavery as a crime against humanity. The film has so far been recognized as an excellent documentary by Kumjana, and has won many awards at well-known documentary film festivals. The screening was followed by a discussion, and the next day we held an intimate workshop on "Meditational embroidery".

Finally, we ended this year with the first event, the exhibition "Here, but somewhere else", which we organized in Slovenia at the ŠKUC Gallery in Ljubljana in cooperation with ŠKUC, and with the help of our Jana Stardelova, who was the curator of the exhibition. The exhibition features works by seven artists whose practices combine local and regional perspectives and can be visited until January 15, 2024.

It is difficult to talk about successes this year, in which we are witnessing wars, violence that we see daily in the media, brutality that humanity has not witnessed in a long time.

But there is a small light that reminds us from time to time that there is something good. Just before the New Year, the regional network FAMa was formed - which aims to connect feminists from the region together to oppose the growing ethno-national and fascist phenomena. FAMA (Feminist Anti-Fascist Network) was initiated after the 80th anniversary of the formation of the Women's Anti-Fascist Front in Yugoslavia in 1942.

Women will really change the world!

It's hard to see, but it's there - we'll make it…