Tiiit!Inc. announces: Request for tenders for audit services



ZG for the promotion of women's activity TIIIIT! INC. - Skopje publishes a "Request for the collection of offers" inviting all registered legal entities to submit offers with the following content specifications:

1. General conditions

Service provider: ZG for the promotion of women's activity TIIIIT! INC. - Skopje with headquarters at ul. Kozle 49b in Skopje.

Subject of the request: Request for the collection of offers for auditing services

ZG for the promotion of women's activity TIIIIT! INC. - Skopje implements the Equality Fund grant with the financial support of the Equality Fund from Canada, and in order to realize the planned project activities, it publicly announces this request.

The supply of this Request is not divisible. The choice will be made according to the best financial interest for the goods and services offered.

2. Offer

Offer for an independent and expert opinion in the form of an audit report on the Final Account and the annual operations of the Association Tiiit!Inc.- Skopje for the year 2022 with a total expenditure of 5,366,033 MKD

The offer should contain all elements according to International Standards on Auditing (IAS)

With the offer, a document for registered activity issued by the Central Registry of the Republic of Macedonia for the activity for which he is submitting his offer should be submitted.

With the offer, a list of performed services for which they submit their offer, performed in the last three years, should be submitted

3. Criteria for choosing the most favorable bidder:



Price carries a maximum of 80 points, quality carries a maximum of 20 points. The bidder who receives the most points is considered the winner of the call after the request for submission of bids.

4. Form and content of the offer

The offer is made in written form with the offered price in MKD

Name, address and registered office of the service provider, tax number, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and contact persons

Features of the offer

Term and method of delivery of goods and services

Term and method of payment


Please send your offers by e-mail to the following address tiiiit.inc@gmail.com no later than 03/24/2023 at 4:00 p.m.