Tiiiit! Inc. believes in a society in which women's rights are practiced as human rights and in which feminist values ​​are considered a benefit. A society that respects diversity, which is solidar and inclusive towards marginalized communities, and women are essentially involved in its social, political and cultural life.



Tiiiit! Inc. works to sensitize and establish feminist values ​​in society through activist action and production of cultural and artistic content. We are focused on encouraging critical thinking and opposing the dominant patriarchal values. Tiiiit! Inc. supports socially-economically challenged and marginalised women and LGBTQ people. We initiate and maintain co-operation with related individuals, groups and organisations, relevant institutions and stakeholders for the purpose of learning, sharing knowledge, experiences and networking. Acting primarily within the independent cultural scene, we create space for expression and self-realization of women from the intellectual, cultural and artistic spheres.