Skopje Drum Talks

Skopje Drum Talks

Skopje Drum Talks is an initiative that focuses on music education and the support of musicians' rights (with an emphasis on drummers) in the Republic of Macedonia. 

Skopje Drum Talks will, for the first time, organize a Drum Clinic in Macedonia, a program known worldwide for the informal education of drummers. For those new to this te, Drum Clinic is an educational demonstration of playing technique by respected and influential drummers. 

These workshops provide an opportunity for inspiration, motivation, education, and development of local drummers in the Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, it strives to educate potential musicians. With the participation of renowned and experienced drummers, it will be possible to exchange knowledge and experience that will contribute to local drummers' development and enable them to make contact with world musicians. The implementation of this program promotes Macedonian music culture at a high and European level.