Intimate female mapping of cities | with Lejla Somun and Leila Šeper

Our concept is based on the radio show “Female Skopje!” (Skopje e žensko!) that had its first broadcast on the independent radio ‘Kanal 103’ at the end of February 2013, as part of the promo activities for the first edition of our festival “It’s first and it’s a girl!” (Prvo pa žensko). Following the idea that the topography of a city is always closely related to the personal biographies of its citizens and that urban archaeology is essentially an archaeology of our personal memories, during a radio show broadcasted live from a driving car, we will host several interesting guests showing us their own intimate, essentially female stories. Driving through their personal trajectories and listening to their music, we will create an intimate female map of the city, contrasted to its dominant, touristic presentations through guided excursions, souvenirs, and postcards. Opposed to the masculine rebuilding and representing of cities today, we will (re)present the cities as unique strong, independent women. The radio show will be broadcasted live from a driving car, while guests are being picked up from places that are chosen for them. Each guest will select their point of departure, as well as other places that they would want to visit during their 15-minute radio drive. All places should be relevant to their intimate female city map. The show is to be divided into 3 segments; each segment consists of one guest (or a duo) and 15 songs selected by the guests for each segment. The radio show is part of a project, developed and copyrighted by Tiiiit! Inc., set to happen in all Ex-Yugoslavian capital cities."

Lejla Somun is a feminist, peace activist, and member of the movement of people with disabilities. She was born in Sarajevo and spent many years of her life and work abroad in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and England. She completed her master's degree in the field of migration at the University of Oxford. In the last 20 years, she has mostly dealt with issues of women's emancipation, gender equality, equal opportunities for people with disabilities, and other forms of social inclusion.

BiH: Lejla Somun je feministkinja, mirovna aktivistkinja i članica pokreta osoba sa invaliditetom. Rođena je u Sarajevu, mnoge godine života i rada provela vani u Iraku, Iranu, Turskoj i Engleskoj. Završila je master studij iz oblasti migracija na Univerzitetu u Oksfordu. U zadnjih 20 godina se najviše bavi pitanjima emancipacije žena, ravnopravnosti spolova, jednakih mogućnosti osoba sa invaliditetom i drugim oblicima socijalne inkluzije.

Leila likes to say that she is a feminist and an activist. She was born in 1982 and is an economist by profession. She believes that power is in the hands of ordinary people and that everything is possible when small hands work together. She loves the internet and social networks, where she sees the potential for a better and fairer world. She is engaged in home brewing, and in her free time, she tries to play the bass guitar.

BiH: Leila Šeper za sebe voli reći da je feministkinja i aktivistkinja. Rođena je 1982. godine, a po zanimanju je ekonomistkinja. Vjeruje da je moć u rukama običnih ljudi i da sve se može kad se male ruke slože. Voli internet i socijalne mreže u kojima vidi potencijal za bolji i pravedniji svijet. Bavi se kućnim pivarstvom, a u slobodno vrijeme trudi se svirat bas gitaru.