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Simona Semenič

Simona Semenič

Simona Semenič is a Slovenian playwriter and a performer. She has received the highest national award for artistic creation in...

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Verica Nedeska

Verica Nedeska

Verica Nedeska is a Macedonian actress and performer who has graduated on the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje and...

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Biljana Radinoska

Biljana Radinoska

Biljana Radionoska is theatre director working in the cross section of the classical and experimental theatre, developing a complex theatre...

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“I, VICTIM” & “The Second Time”

Text: Simona Semenic

Performed by: Verica Nedeska and Simona Semenic

Lighting design: Igor Remeta

Production: City of Women, Firstborn Girl and MOT+


Simona Semenič’s first solo theatre piece entitled "I, victim" premiered on the 13th International Festival of Contemporary Arts – City of Women in 2007. Her performance includes an interpretative reading of the artist’s autobiographical text that deals with her close encounters with the different types of dark forces. Sharing her experience with epilepsy and the health system, genital herpes and the health system, she creates a relationship and talks of her ways of coping with what many of us have to deal with every day.

In order to perform "I, victim" on FIRSTBORN GIRL, after a few years of active work on films, Verica Nedeska is finally coming back on the theatre stage. She worked together with director Biljana Radinoska on the preparations of the performance for the Macedonian audience. Thanks to the openness and support from City of Women and MOT+, Firstborn Girl is proud to announce its first performance co-production.

“I, victim” has its sequel. “The Second Time” is the second time she does this performance since the same festival in 2014 when she begins her monologue where her first show ended. Opening her show with the last line from the previous act “Let me smoke”, she tells us what happened in-between the two performances.